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Online Start-Up Competition 2021
On the 10th of February, the Beta Business Days will organize the Start-Up Competition. All students of the Faculty of Science & Engineering, as well as the students of Technology Management, may join the competition. 
During this competition, the University of Groningen will provide a patent that is owned by the FSE and gives students the opportunity to work on product design and marketing/business plans based on these patents. The event will start at 09:00 in the morning and multiple preliminary rounds will take place. During the event, there will be several speakers, small boot camps, and a pitch training to improve your entrepreneurial skills. The best groups will be selected and go to the final. The competition will end around 6 PM. Furthermore, all rounds will take place online. 

Guided by tutors, the teams will brainstorm about how to make the product, how to improve the product, which party could make a prototype, and who could fabricate it. Every team will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and the group who wins the first prize will receive €400,-. The second place gets €100,- price money.  No prior experience or knowledge is required, your creative mind is enough. So don’t hesitate and come join us at the Start-Up Competition!

On the 10th of January, you can sign up for the Start-Up Competition via the link below! It is possible to sign up individually or as a group (groups of 4). Registrations will close on the 3rd of February. If you sign up individually, a group will be formed for you. To sign up as a group, all group members have to register individually via the link. 

Enroll here for the Start-Up Competition 2021!