Opening: Mark Tuitert

Opening Speech - Opening: Mark Tuitert

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Olympic speed skating champion Mark Tuitert is an energetic and beloved Dutch athlete who’s inspirational presentations never seize to amaze. He manages to link his own experiences in olympic sports to popular themes, such as “the art of excelling” or “how to surpass your own limitations”.
He speaks passionately about “dreaming” and “growing stronger through setbacks”. Also, he achieves to motivate his crowd through talking about matters such as making choices, personal leadership, successful teamwork and responsibility for one's self. After his ice skating career, Mark changed his course towards the business industry. Using his influences in the sports industry, he started as an account manager at Young Capital and also carried the role of commercial director at iSkate. Nowadays, Mark is operative as the co-founder of First Energy Gum, a caffeine holding gum for people active in sports.