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Company Shell
Date March 10
Time 14:00 - 17:00
Location Room 2
Language English

Case – Shell

Note: This is a CV-selected module. 

How could the world’s energy system evolve to provide a better life for all, with a healthy planet? Take the Energy Transitions Challenge and discover for yourself.

This simulation exercise puts you in the shoes of a government, consumer, energy provider, NGO or industry. You will have to keep the economy going while making the energy transition. Time will be of the essence. You will be faced with dilemmas: should you prioritize your short-term individual objective or invest for the common objective? Will your fellow players enable or default you? Can you rely on their commitments?

The Energy Transitions Challenge was developed in 2016 for use with groups both internal and external to Shell. It lets players experience hands-on some of the dilemmas, issues and opportunities the world may encounter as energy transitions unfold across the globe over the coming decades. The powerful debrief lets players reflect on the scenario they have collectively played out, as well as explore what alternative worlds they could have created.

The Energy Transitions Challenge is fun, intense, competitive, collaborative and not for the faint-hearted. Do you dare? Join us in exploring one of the biggest challenges of the century. Your ideas are always welcome at Shell!