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Date February 21
Time 14:00 - 17:00
Location Room 4
Language English

One-on-one – ShineMed

Our Core Values

At SHINE Europe, sustainability is at our core. We are using innovation in the nuclear industry to question the status quo and blaze a new trail. We are boldly reinventing how the industry thinks and operates to usher in a productive new era in fusion technology rooted in promoting the planet’s well-being. We are dedicated to deploying its state-of-the-art fusion technology to solve global problems as a scalable path to practical fusion energy. The work we’re doing is key to the sustainable development of society.

Our approach to advancing fusion technology solves today’s problems while working toward tomorrow’s, “leveling up” nuclear technology with every new application we explore and helping to close the technological gaps between modern fusion technology and fusion energy. Accomplishing these lofty goals requires a set of core values which empower us and guide us on our mission every step of the way.

The core values of SHINE Europe are:

·        Pioneering Spirit

·        SHINE Together

·        Empowered Accountability

·        Responsibility

·        Grit

Learn and read more about our bold and ambitious plans on our website: