Beta Business days

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Beta Business days

What Alliander
does We are a major Dutch grid operator supplying millions of customers with electricity and gas each day. We ensure an energy supply that gives everyone access to reliable, affordable and renewable energy under equal conditions. Now and in the future. We have been in business for the past century, so you could regard us as experts in the development, maintenance and management of energy grids. We use the latest technology and IT to monitor energy flows across our networks and to help our customers convert to renewable forms of energy.  

Our company culture
Alliander employs people who are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, actively making contact with them, understanding their needs and helping them to meet their goals. Our professionals tackle projects with due care in a complex and dynamic environment. We work together in the search for new ideas and innovative solutions to further improve the service we deliver. If you’d like to help us achieve our goals, want to work in an inspiring environment with high levels of personal attention and scope to develop your ideas, Alliander is the place to expend your energy.

What can you do?
At Alliander you choose your own challenge. You can help firms to use smart energy. Or do a feasibility study on the distribution of more energy with fewer cables. Or you examine whether a location such as the Amsterdam Zuidas district could, in the future, generate more energy than it consumes. Because the energy landscape is in full development, your options are endless.

In our journey towards a sustainable future, we like to take initiative. And we expect the same of you as a trainee. Regardless of whether you opt for a technical, financial, IT or management traineeship, we’ll challenge you to come up with innovative ideas.

If you want to invest in your future, we’d like to invest in you. Discover your challenge at