Founded in 2017
Emmen (NL)
Heidelberg (Global)
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160 (Global)

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Applied mathematics Applied physics Chemical engineering Chemistry Computing science Industrial engineering & management Physics Supply chain management Technology and operations management


Engineering Industry

Company info

BASF 3D Printing Solutions (3DPS) is one of the world’s leading companies in offering a wide range of materials and services along the entire additive manufacturing value chain.

From consultancy and development, through bespoke design, digital simulation, prototype printing, to finishing and exhaustive component testing among others. We offer the world’s largest selection of 3D Printing materials and service solutions. These materials and service solutions are provided under the brand Forward AM.

Our development goals are to design durable materials and holistic solutions for the industrial-scale manufacturing of end products, for example in the automotive and aerospace industries, in consumer goods, and in the industrial, medical and dental sector. Interesting examples can be found in our use cases. The majority of our (potential) customers are companies that intend to use 3D printing for industrial production.




Business expo
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Business Expo March 10

Beta Business Days, EQUANS, Demcon, Stedin, ProRail, ORTEC, B&S, YER, Wetsus, Magnus, Eurofins, Benchmark, Gasunie, BASF 3DPS, BASF Nederland B.V. Resins & Additives, Tata Steel, ICD, V.O., LIFE Cooperative, PwC March 10 - 14:30
Company one-on-one

Company one-on-one – BASF 3DPS

BASF 3DPS March 10 - 09:30

Presentation – BASF & BASF 3DPS

BASF Nederland B.V. Resins & Additives, BASF 3DPS March 10 - 15:00