Founded in 1993
Enschede (NL)
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850 (NL)
900 (Global)

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Applied physics Artificial intelligence Biomedical engineering Computing science Industrial engineering & management Life, science & technology Supply chain management Technology and operations management



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At Demcon, it’s all about engineering. We make technologically complex systems and products. Whether we are delivering medical solutions or providing challenging high-tech innovations: Demcon contributes to a better world. We start with a blank sheet to build the system concepts starting at the core of the problem and end with a prototype that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Whatever your role at Demcon is: you will make an impact.

Over more than 25 years, Demcon has grown to become the Demcon group, with 850 employees and several branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Singapore as well as clients worldwide.

At Demcon we work with short lines of communication. Openness and a flexible, positively critical attitude are important here, together we achieve the best results.

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Business Expo March 10

Beta Business Days, EQUANS, Demcon, Stedin, ProRail, ORTEC, B&S, YER, Wetsus, Magnus, Eurofins, Benchmark, Gasunie, BASF 3DPS, BASF Nederland B.V. Resins & Additives, Tata Steel, ICD, V.O., LIFE Cooperative, PwC March 10 - 14:30

Presentation – DEMCON

Demcon March 10 - 11:30