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LIFE Cooperative

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LIFE Cooperative, the Life Science powerhouse of Europe.

“Together we become stronger, more efficient, more innovative and more collaborative”. We, the LIFE Cooperative, combine the strengths of 40+ Life Science companies around the Groningen region in order to achieve global impact in the fields of Medical Technology & Devices, Molecules & Materials and Drug Development, Testing & Analysis. Our impact on the regional economy, employment, talent development, research programs and investments is large and continuously growing. And that is why we are always looking for talented young-professionals like you.

The LIFE Cooperative will introduce you to the different companies and opportunities the LIFE Cooperative has to offer. In short, the Life Science sector in Northern Netherlands offers life long career opportunities: from young-professional (lab analyst, project manager, scientist and operations manager to CEO). With a total workforce of over 4.000 FTE’s, there are more than enough opportunities.


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Business Expo March 10

Beta Business Days, EQUANS, Demcon, Stedin, ProRail, ORTEC, B&S, YER, Wetsus, Magnus, Eurofins, Benchmark, Gasunie, BASF 3DPS, BASF Nederland B.V. Resins & Additives, Tata Steel, ICD, V.O., LIFE Cooperative, PwC March 10 - 14:30