Founded in 1990
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160 (Global)

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Applied mathematics Applied physics Artificial intelligence Astronomy Biomedical engineering Chemical engineering Chemistry Computing science Energy and environmental sciences Industrial engineering & management Life, science & technology Mathematics Medical biology Physics Supply chain management Technology and operations management



Company info

Magnus is an innovative IT and consultancy firm. Our 160 consultants work for leading clients. They each have their own expertise and focus. Together we translate a renewed strategy to the operation: processes, organization, technology as well as people. We always aim for the best quality and work according to the shoulder-to-shoulder approach. This implies that next to advising our clients, we also work closely together to make things possible. And that is something our clients have valued since the founding of Magnus in 1990.

At Magnus we think it is important that you like your role, however we think that a good atmosphere and bond with your colleagues is just as important!  Despite the fact that there are more than 150 consultants working at Magnus, you won’t feel as one of many. To achieve this, we try to emphasize the following:

  • Maintaining a flat organization. One day during lunch you can sit with a partner and discuss the future of Magnus, and the next you sit with other juniors discussing the weekend activities. And the other way around as well, ofcourse!
  • Personal development. From the get go, we will invest in your development with an extensive training program with room for your own ideas.
  • Knowledge sharing. By working on different projects with varying teams you will learn a lot in short period of time.
  • And ofcourse,  fun activities. Every year Magnus organizes a lot of social activities. We have the annual skitrip, christmas event, borrels and more!



Business expo
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Business Expo March 10

Beta Business Days, EQUANS, Demcon, Stedin, ProRail, ORTEC, B&S, YER, Wetsus, Magnus, Eurofins, Benchmark, Gasunie, BASF 3DPS, BASF Nederland B.V. Resins & Additives, Tata Steel, ICD, V.O., LIFE Cooperative, PwC March 10 - 14:30

Presentation – Magnus

Magnus March 10 - 09:30