Nationaal Energietraineeship

Nationaal Energietraineeship
Founded in 2019
Arnhem (NL)
Arnhem (Global)
24 (NL)
24 (Global)

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Applied physics Chemical engineering Chemistry Industrial engineering & management Physics Supply chain management


Commerce Construction Engineering Industry

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The National Energy Traineeship is a two-year program specially developed for the climate- and energy transition, aimed at young talented starters. The total program consists of training, coaching, intervision, guest lectures and working on projects. There is also room to network during social events and project visits.

For two years you will work four days a week for an organization on the energy transition. This includes, for example, Grid Operators, Energy Producers, Developers, Municipalities, Provinces, Water Boards, Consultancy Firms, Research Institutions, Contractors, Industry and Housing Corporations. The fifth day you follow the intensive program of the National Energy Traineeship. You will also work together with other trainees on challenging projects for our clients. You learn to look beyond organizational boundaries. Once you have completed the two-year trajectory, you are a self-directed professional. You have knowledge of the broad field of the energy transition and you can fulfill a unique position in the field on the basis of your personal leadership, plus the knowledge and skills you have acquired. You understand that the energy transition is a technical, economic, social, legal and spatial issue. You have learned that cooperation is necessary between the different parties. You have insight into the language, interests and working methods of these parties. You are part of a network, a close group of professionals, who are ready for this integrated approach.



Presentation – Nationaal Energietraineeship

Nationaal Energietraineeship March 10 - 12:30