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Developing asphalt that whispers. Preventing traffic jams with big data. Surveying traffic flow with drones. Countering floods with innovative and globally unique methods. At Rijkswaterstaat, you get the chance to contribute to the finest and most prestigious infrastructure projects as a student or starter. Projects on which you will later proudly say, “I worked on that!”

The Netherlands is never finished. As Rijkswaterstaat, we are always improving our country. Whether we give nature more space, reduce noise pollution or ensure better accessibility: with every project we continue to build our country. In doing so, we continue to innovate and use smart and future-proof technologies. Whether you are an intern, graduate, PhD student, trainee or professional: the opportunities at Rijkswaterstaat are endless. Because as a starter at Rijkswaterstaat, you are given the space to develop yourself and strengthen your content.

At Rijkswaterstaat, you will be part of an ambitious group of people who carry out major projects. Your own contribution is essential. But of course we also consider whether your efforts contribute to the objectives and tasks of RWS. You can work in many different fields, but the emphasis is on technical disciplines, ICT, Information Provision and Procurement.




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Beta Business Days, Take Away, Cargill, ilionx, Valcon, V.O., Lambert, Gasunie, Qsil, YER, ASTRON, ICD, Rijkswaterstaat, Ordina, Huawei Technologies (Netherlands) B.V. February 20 - 15:00