Founded in 1891
Zwolle (NL)
Södertälje, Zweden (Global)
3000 (NL)
50000 (Global)

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Engineering Industry

Company info

Scania is one of the world leading producers of heavy trucks, busses and industrial and marine engines. In The Netherlands we have 3000 employees divided over factories in Zwolle and Meppel. An additional 40 sales and services locations are present throughout The Netherlands. The factory in Zwolle is the largest Scania factory in the world.

In Zwolle, the trucks are assembled through two production lines. Over 200 trucks can be produced a day, whereas every 5 minutes a completed truck comes off the production line. Modularity and logistic efficiency here are key. Additionally our factory operates in a sustainable manner, with 22.000 installed on the roof off our factory. As well as, the separation and recycling of materials and packaging.



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Case – Scania

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