Take Away

Take Away
Founded in 2000
Amsterdam (NL)
Amsterdam (Global)
2431 (NL)
17000 (Global)

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Artificial intelligence Computing science Industrial engineering & management Supply chain management


Food IT

Company info

Just Eat Takeaway.com (JET) is a world leading global food delivery service, serving over 94 million active customers across 22 countries. With more than 15,000 employees working across multiple international locations, including 2,000 people in product and tech, we power a vast array of leading local brands, including Thuisbezorgd here in The Netherlands where our company was founded.

Like a dinner table, working at JET brings people together. From coding to customer service to couriers, JET is a fun, fast-paced and supportive place where you can be yourself. No day is the same. Our days are filled with new experiences. We see every challenge that comes our way as a chance to grow, both the business, and ourselves.

We’re connected to millions of food-lovers, hundreds of thousands of connected partners and some of the best-known brands of the planet. When you take your seat here, you’ll find that a small idea can turn into something seen by millions.

As a leading online food tech company, JET brings together the stability of a global business, with the agility of a start-up. We got here by always staying one step ahead of the competition. Together we transform, create, reinvent, and empower every food moment.

So load up your plate with ideas that get you excited, because at JET everything is on the table.



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Business Expo

Beta Business Days, Take Away, Cargill, ilionx, Valcon, V.O., Lambert, Gasunie, Qsil, YER, ASTRON, ICD, Rijkswaterstaat, Ordina, Huawei Technologies (Netherlands) B.V. February 20 - 15:00

Presentation – Take Away

Take Away February 20 - 14:00