Founded in 2002
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70 (Global)

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Applied mathematics Applied physics Artificial intelligence Computing science Industrial engineering & management Mathematics Pharmacy Physics Supply chain management


Health IT

Company info

ZiuZ is an innovative company that is at the forefront of developing advanced technology in the field of visual intelligence. We area commercial company with a social leaning. Our products aim to contribute towards resolving socially relevant issues; therefore, we create practical and user­ friendly solutions for investigative services and the pharmacy and healthcare sectors.

In order to achieve the right solutions, it is important that we thoroughly understand our client’s primary work processes. lt is only in that way that we can produce products that truly benefit our clients. That requires good collaboration with our clients and a high degree of trust. ZiuZ therefore strives to develop long-term relationships with both clients and employees. Not the issues ofthe day but long-term focus: that is what counts for ZiuZ. In addition to being a supplier we are also a reliabie partner for clients who want additional services, training, and advice.