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Beta Business days

Do you want to experience the excitement of organizing the biggest career event for technical students in Groningen? Do you want to develop your soft skills and boost your CV while having a great time? Apply now for the Beta Business Days board 2020/2021! Together with 5 other students from all over the Faculty of Science and Engineering and TeMa, you can launch students into their future career!

- Organize various career-related events over the year leading up to the Beta Business Days 2021    
- Part-time function 
- Great way to boost your CV   
- Meet new people and have a fantastic year  

Interested? Feel free to ask us any question, or send an email to to receive a board information brochure.

Want to apply for the Beta Business Days board of next year?
Submit your CV and motivation letter to until the 19th of April.

Event information:
The Beta Business Days is a unique free two-day career event for all students at the Faculty of Science & Engineering of the University of Groningen. The event gives more than 5000 students in the Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme the opportunity to investigate their career prospects and make contacts that could lead to an internship, a thesis project or even a job. 

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Beta Business days