Beta Business Days Board 2023 - 2024

(f.l.t.r.: Esmée D’ Costa, Minal Qureshi, Valentina Buscaglia, Juno de Jong, Aude Lambot, Gallia Fenster)

The 37th edition of the Beta Business Days will be organized by 6 enthusiastic students from the University of Groningen. With several different study backgrounds, we have a big intelligence pool that can represent all different kinds of beta students for this event.

Chairman                                        Juno de Jong
Secretary                                        Valentina Buscaglia
Treasurer                                        Aude Lambot
Business relations 1                     Minal Qureshi
Business relations 2                     Gallia Fenster
Public Relations                             Esmée D’ Costa

Juno de Jong Chairman

Hi, my name is Juno, I am 20 years old and in my third year of biomedical engineering. Because I love life as a bachelor student in Groningen so much, I decided to stretch my time by doing a board year! It is my love for talking to people and getting to know everyone that makes me love my position as chair of the Beta Business Days. My chaotic and energetic ways are complemented by my determination and ambition to make the Beta Business days of 2024 into an amazing event with the rest of the 37th board.

Valentina Buscaglia Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Valentina and I am the secretary of the 37th edition of the Beta Business Days. My roles as secretary primarily consist of organizing, scheduling various activities and ensuring that everyone is up to date with our schedule. However my responsibilities are not solely limited to this, as I have the autonomy to take on any other tasks and projects. I am a second year biomedical engineering student and currently 19 years old. Although I am originally from Italy/ Singapore, I’ve spent the majority of my life in the German city, Leipzig (amongst other things, famous for its football team: RB Leipzig). Attending an event similar to the BBD has inspired me to help fellow students in exploring their passions and networking with various companies to shape their future prospects. I hope to organise another great edition of this event!

Aude Lambot Treasurer

Hai my name is Aude and I’m the treasurer of the 37th edition of the Beta Business Day. I’m 18 years old and in my second year of Industrial engineering and management. As the financial backbone of the Beta business days, I’m dedicated to ensure sound management of our financial resources. My role not only encompasses overseeing our budget and expenditures, but also shaping financial strategies to reach our goal. From Belgium and Cameroon, and I grew up in Brussels, Yaoundé and Paris.

Minal Qureshi Business Relations 1

Hi everyone! I’m Minal and I’m business relations for the 37th edition of the Beta Business Days. I’m a 3rd year mathematics student from Pakistan. I love meeting new people and collaborating with them on projects. Participating in the BBD allows me to be the bridge between students and companies and help students build their future. I’m excited to organise an amazing BBD and I hope to see you there!

Gallia Fenster Business Relations 2

I am Gallia, a vivacious second-year Biomedical Engineering student. I have lived in Europe and Africa and understand, first-hand human need, grit and potential. My passion lies in advancing humanity and fostering empathy, as I firmly believe that the best results are achieved when individuals, companies, and public institutions collaborate harmoniously. As humans, our actions speak loud, and I have consistently pursued this objective for community growth. I am particularly enthusiastic about how the Beta Business Days encapsulates this spirit of cooperation among businesses, students, and our University. I take immense pleasure in engaging with others and look forward to the opportunity to interact with individuals from all spheres within this remarkable event.

Esmée D’Costa Public Relations

Hia everyone! My name is Esmée, I am 23 years old and currently pursuing my Master's in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Groningen. I am the PR of the 37th edition of the Beta Business Days! As the PR for BBD, my role revolves around promoting the event, keeping in close contact with study associations, and managing our social media presence. In addition to these core duties, I've also taken on extra projects, including website and app development. My experience with Beta Business Days started as an enthusiastic attendee, and with a background in promotion and event organization and experience as a content creator, I was eager to contribute my skills to an event with a strong focus on the beta sciences. I'm committed to delivering another outstanding edition of this event, hope to see you there!