Beta Business Days board 2021 - 2022

The 35th edition of the Beta Business Days will be organized by 6 enthusiastic students from the University of Groningen. With several different study backgrounds, we have a big intelligence pool that can represent all different kinds of beta students for this event.

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(f.l.t.r.: Suzanne van Wees, Rik Klement, Luna Jansma, Judith Bentvelzen, Bas Perik, Lysanne van Hillegersberg)

Chairman                          Judith Bentvelzen
Secretary                          Luna Jansma
Treasurer                           Bas Perik
Business relations          Rik Klement
Business relations          Suzanne van Wees
Public relations               Lysanne van Hillegersberg

Judith Bentvelzen Chairman

Hi there! I am Judith Bentvelzen, the chairman of the Beta Business Days 2021. As a chairman, I am responsible for keeping the whole board on track and delivering this event in the best way possible. I am currently finishing my bachelor’s degree Life Science and Technology, majoring in Neurosciences. Before the start of my master’s degree, I wanted to try out something new and challenging. Since I enjoyed being an active member of a committee of GLV Idun, I decided that a board year would be the way to go. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Beta Business Days!

Luna Jansma Secretary

Hi! My name is Luna and I am the secretary of this year’s board of the Beta Business Days. I am a master student in Theoretical Physics and even though I really like this study, I am very excited about organising the Beta Business Days this year. The Beta Business days gives me the opportunity to learn practical skills and meet new people from other Beta studies. As a secretary, I will be responsible for making minutes of meetings, keeping track of our agenda and other practicalities.

Bas Perik Treasurer

Hi everyone! I am Bas Perik and while writing 23 years old. Last year, I finished the first year of my Master Industrial Engineering and Management and I am currently writing my Master Thesis. During my studies so far I have been an active member within the study association TBV Lugus. I was a member of the Ski and Sports, Technology and Society Congress, and European Business & Technology project committees over the years. This year besides my study, I will be responsible for the financial side of the BBD. A new challenge I am looking forward to. In the end, I hope to organise a successful BBD 2022 together with my fellow board members. See you all on the 9th and 10th of March!

Rik Klement Business Relations

Positivity is key! My name is Rik Klement, one of the Business Relations in the 35th board of the Beta Business Days. Next to that, I am a master student of Industrial Engineering and Management - Production Technology and Logistics. Study skills combined with personal interest have resulted in a great interest in technologies and initiatives that boast sustainability. Partnering with companies that are promising for the future of our students is an enjoyable function for the 35th edition of the Beta Business Days. Translating the background and curiosity of students in a company line-up for the Beta Business Days is an interesting challenge.

Suzanne van Wees Business Relations

Hi! I am Suzanne van Wees, Business Relations of the Beta Business Days 2022. Last academic year I finished my bachelor Life Science & Technology. Majoring in Biomedical Engineering I have always had an interest in the technical side of things. I am excited to get a taste of the business side within the Science and Engineering field and work closely with a team of diverse and enthusiastic students! As Business Relations I establish and maintain contact with companies, it is a great way to have a say in which companies you want to see at the Beta Business Days and leave your mark on this great event!

Lysanne van Hillegersberg Public Relations

Hey! My name is Lysanne van Hillegersberg and I am the Public Relations of this year’s board of the Beta Business Days. I’m currently in my last year of the bachelor Life Science & Technology, majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I really enjoyed being a member of the Paparazcie committee of GLV Idun and I also joined various committees at the TAM (Tennisclub Albertus Magnus). I see the Beta Business Days board year as the next step and a nice opportunity to meet new people and improve my skills. I’m really excited about organizing the Beta Business Days upcoming year and as a public relations I will be busy with promoting the event, maintaining the social media accounts and contacting the study associations. If you have any questions, you can always contact me or come visit me at our boardroom!