Activity details

Company Achmea
Date March 10
Time 14:00 - 17:00
Location Room 4
Language Dutch

Company one-on-one – Achmea

Start your career at Achmea. We assure you that it will change your life! 
If you’d like to be innovative and work on creating a healthy, safe and future-proof society, Achmea is your kind of place! With more than 10 million customers, we’re the largest insurance company in the Netherlands. We offer you the opportunity to make an impact on our society with your passion and professional knowledge.

Do you want to specialise in one area or would you prefer a more wide-ranging position to discover and develop your talents? Achmea provides the following opportunities:

• 3 Management Traineeships: Management, Financial Management, IT Management;
• 3 Management Traineeships: Nonlife Insurance, Digital Marketing, Healthcare Procurement;
• Various entry-level jobs;
• And numerous opportunities for work-experience placements and final-year internships.

Start your career at Achmea. We assure you that it will change your life!

We would be happy to answer all your questions in a company one-by-one talk. Are you in? We are looking forward to meeting you!

A conversation takes 30 minutes. So if you are admitted to this module, you will be notified at what time you are expected.

Note: This is a CV-selected module.