Founded in 2009
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Applied mathematics Applied physics Artificial intelligence Astronomy Biomedical engineering Chemical engineering Chemistry Computing science Ecology and evolution Industrial engineering & management Mathematics Medical biology Pharmacy Physics Supply chain management



Company info

We are Enshore, an IT company specialising in business processes. We support companies in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), IT security and software development. We do this with over 70 Enshorians with very diverse backgrounds; we have colleagues with experience in banking, healthcare and anything in between. Together, we ensure that our customers are better able to leverage the technology at their disposal.
From Enshore ERP, we support companies in using their Enterprise Technology. We work in support teams to help our customers manage and optimise technology business processes. We have customers in diverse industries, from healthcare, education and government, to logistics, aviation, and petrochemical industries.

As a company, we value the freedom and flexibility of our employees. For this reason, people at Enshore can make their own decision on whether they want to work at our beautiful office in Groningen or from home. Almost everyone works in a hybrid form. We offer the same freedom in working hours, the early birds start and stop early, and the not so early birds start and stop later.
Because we offer several traineeships, the average age at Enshore is quite low. Which makes it a vibrand place to work with a lot of fun activities with colleagues!



Speed date
Speed date

Speed Date – IT

Enshore, ilionx, Huawei Technologies (Netherlands) B.V., spheer.ai February 20 - 14:00

Presentation – Enshore

Enshore February 20 - 10:00