Founded in 2021
Groningen (Global)

Primary study preferences

Applied physics Artificial intelligence Astronomy Biomedical engineering Chemical engineering Computing science Industrial engineering & management

Secondary study preferences

Chemistry Medical biology Supply chain management


electronics Engineering geology manufacturing robotics

Company info

The Makercie Rover Team is a multidisciplinary group of students from the University of Groningen, formed in February 2023. Together with our supervisor, Dr. Bahar Haghighat, a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Engineering and Technology Institute of University of Groningen (ENTEG) we are the first Dutch team to ever participate in the ERC (European Rover Challenge). The team is made up of over 80 people of 15 different nationalities, representing more than 10 study programmes. In less than a year, Makercie achieved our biggest accomplishment to date, winning the Remote Edition (2023) of the ERC as first time competitors.

Currently, we are taking on our next big challenge: the ERC On-Site formula, a separate competition where a rover, robotic arm and drone we design and build are used to complete Martian-inspired challenges. The team working on the competition challenges is made of three sub-teams: hardware, science and software. Those teams are further split into smaller teams, focusing on specific tasks, like the design of the outside of the rover, design of the electronics, writing code for the robotic arm, and many more. Since not many people have the chance to develop working experience in robotics or design during university, our team focuses on experiential learning. We create an environment within the team where the team members can learn by doing and gain the necessary experience through working in the team.


Business Expo
Speed date

Lunch Expo – 21st of March

Beta Business Days,, Make It In the North, GEARS/Makercie, Top Dutch Solar Racing, Sameen, Let’s Get Digital March 21 - 11:30
Business Expo
Speed date

Lunch Expo – 20th of March

Beta Business Days, Make It In the North, GEARS/Makercie, Top Dutch Solar Racing, Let’s Get Digital March 20 - 11:30