Lambert Instruments

Lambert Instruments
Founded in 1992
Groningen (NL)
Groningen (Global)
10 (NL)
10 (Global)

Primary study preferences

Applied physics Artificial intelligence Biomedical engineering Computing science Industrial engineering & management Mathematics Medical biology Physics Supply chain management

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Astronomy Chemistry


Cancer Research Fundamental Research Machine Vision Particle Physics Research & Development Scientific Research

Company info

Headquartered in Groningen, The Netherlands, Lambert Instruments is passionately committed to the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge imaging solutions tailored to diverse applications. Our specialization lies in delivering high-performance solutions designed to capture fast events even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

At Lambert Instruments, we take pride in our fully integrated approach. From development to assembly, all our products are meticulously crafted in-house, ensuring top-notch quality and seamless integration with your existing setup. Our customizable solutions are designed to address your unique imaging challenges with ease.

Our advanced imaging solutions span a wide array of fields in both research and industry. For instance, automotive engineers rely on our systems to capture detailed imagery of combustion cycles in fuel-injected engines, while researchers in biomedicine leverage our technology to study the intricate behavior of cancer cells. Additionally, our products are widely utilized across various industries and research domains to examine processes that demand precise imaging capabilities under low-light conditions and high frame rates.


Business Expo
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Business Expo – 20th of March

Beta Business Days, ASML, Cargill, Lambert Instruments, TNO, Johnson & Johnson, V.O. Patents & Trademarks, YER, Wetsus, Enshore, Valcon, Defensie, Envalior, Warpnet, Thermo Fisher Scientific, ASTRON, Philips, Spark Holland B.V. March 20 - 15:00

Presentation – Lambert

Lambert Instruments March 20 - 12:00