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Lambert Instruments is specialised in developing and producing advanced imaging solutions. Applications often involve fast events at challenging light conditions. We develop and assemble all products in-house. Together with our software, the products are easy to integrate into customer setup.

We are a small company located in the north of the Netherlands, with customers located all over the world. Our advanced imaging solutions find applications in many different fields in research and industry. For example, car engineers use our systems for imaging of combustion cycles of fuel injecting engines and researchers in biomedicine use our systems to for instance study the behaviour of cancer cells. Also other industries and research fields use our products to study processes that require low light levels and high frame rates to be captured.

Our mission is to enable our users to reveal previously unseen phenomena. Our cameras are sensitive down to the single-photon level. In combination with the possibility to record images with high resolution at high frame rates, our products provide a possibility to record fast events at low-light conditions. Together with our software, we offer complete solutions to challenging imaging problems.

With our 30+ years of experience we reimagine detection to offer customised solutions for imaging challenges in many different fields.



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Beta Business Days, Take Away, Cargill, ilionx, Valcon, V.O., Lambert, Gasunie, Qsil, YER, ASTRON, ICD, Rijkswaterstaat, Ordina, Huawei Technologies (Netherlands) B.V. February 20 - 15:00

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Lambert February 20 - 14:00