Founded in 2019
Groningen (NL)
2019 (Global)
20 (NL)

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Data Driven Energy Consultancy Energy Trading

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Renewable energy; at the right time, in the right place and at the right price. Global climate goals, technological advancements, changing political climates, and so many other factors are changing the energy landscape as we know it, bringing new and exciting challenges. At Repowered, we recognise the complexity of the energy system, where solar parks and windmills play pivotal roles, yet their intermittent makes our energy system a lot more complex. We have embraced this challenge as an opportunity, focusing on energy flexibility as the key to navigating future energy systems successfully.

Founded in 2019 by Jeroen van den Berg and Dirk Jan Masselink, Repowered was born out of the ambition to navigate the transition from a centralized, demand-driven energy system to a decentralized, sustainable energy supply. Energy flexibility is crucial for the energy market of the future, involving demand tuning, storage, and smart response to the energy markets. This also requires the conversion of renewable energy, such as batteries and hydrogen. A sustainable energy supply also brings many opportunities, such as new roles for the energy consumers and energy producers and allows new parties to enter the market. By making sustainable energy systems “smart” and working with dynamic energy contracts, energy consumers and producers are equipped to respond to the energy markets, giving us back the control that we used to have with fossil sources. This makes smart use of savings and earning opportunities in those markets and contributes to balancing our energy grid.

At Repowered, we have not only grown considerably but remain as purpose-driven as when we started. Our offices in Groningen and Amsterdam serve as hubs where we collaborate with governments, companies, and local energy initiatives. Together, we navigate the successful transition to a sustainable energy system, utilising our expertise in grid management and energy trading.


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