Tata Steel

Tata Steel
Founded in 1918
Velsen-Noord (NL)
Velsen-Noord (Global)
9000 (NL)

Primary study preferences

Applied physics Chemical engineering Chemistry Industrial engineering & management Physics Supply chain management

Secondary study preferences

Astronomy Biomedical engineering Computing science Ecology and evolution Mathematics


Heavy Industry

Company info

Tata Steel Netherlands is unquestionably one of the most challenging industrial employers in Europe. Our ambition is to be a leading and sustainable steel company that everyone can take pride in. That’s why Tata Steel has embarked on the largest transformation in its history; we are transitioning to steel production based on hydrogen. Working alongside 9,000 colleagues, we are continually focused on improvement. Each year, we invest hundreds of millions of euros in enhancing the sustainability and innovation of our processes and high-value-added products, thus increasing our efficiency and reducing costs. We are also committed to producing responsible steel, which can only be achieved by maintaining a healthy balance between the interests of people, the environment, and the company.

To realize our ambition, we require talented individuals in the fields of technology, IT, production, and logistics. We’re seeking proactive individuals like yourself who have the courage to choose Tata Steel. Furthermore, it’s essential that our production continues smoothly, and we aim to consistently deliver high-quality steel. This is why we are seeking interns, graduates, and young professionals who are eager to take on this challenge with us. Will you join us in shaping the future?

Whether you are seeking an intriguing job vacancy, an exciting internship, or a challenging graduation assignment, please visit our website at www.tatasteeljobs.nl or get in touch with one of our campus recruiters via campusrecruitment@tatasteeleurope.com.




Presentation – Tata Steel

Tata Steel March 21 - 15:00
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Business Expo – 21st of March

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Case – Tata Steel

Tata Steel March 21 - 10:00