Founded in 2003
Leeuwarden (NL)
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Applied physics Chemical engineering Chemistry Pharmacy Physics

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Biomedical engineering Mathematics


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Why Wetsus?

Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, facilitates breakthrough innovations for water treatment technology.

Wetsus is a facilitating intermediary for trend-setting know-how development and uses a unique innovation model. Wetsus’ main activity is the coordination of a world leading research program. The inspiring and multidisciplinary collaboration between companies and research institutes in Wetsus results in innovations that contribute significantly to the solution of the global water problems.

Wetsus Mission

Wetsus develops key enabling water technologies to foster a sustainable and fair society in a healthy and circular environment. To achieve this, Wetsus creates an innovation community via trust-based networks of companies, universities and public bodies for generating, testing, and evolving innovative ideas and science based approaches within interdisciplinary PhD programs that shape innovations towards fruitful implementation, and where graduates become leaders in sustainable innovation.



Presentation – Wetsus

Wetsus March 20 - 10:00
Business Expo
Speed date

Business Expo – 20th of March

Beta Business Days, ASML, Cargill, Lambert Instruments, TNO, Johnson & Johnson, V.O. Patents & Trademarks, YER, Wetsus, Enshore, Valcon, Defensie, Envalior, Warpnet, Thermo Fisher Scientific, ASTRON, Philips, Spark Holland B.V. March 20 - 15:00