Activity details

Company Valcon
Date February 20
Time 12:00 - 13:00
Location Room 12B
Language English

Presentation – Valcon

Valcon is a North-european consulting firm that makes sure that companies are in their best possible shape and are fit for the future. Valcon helps clients with end-to-end transformations in which consulting is combined with technology and data.

With this case you will get an introduction in the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA are software robots that mimic human actions on a computer, hence enabling the reduction of valuable time spent on repetitive, dull tasks. Our RPA developers combine the role of an IT consultant with that of an RPA developer. They use their technical expertise and development experience to implement and manage high-quality RPA solutions in multidisciplinary projects, mainly working with UiPath and Power Automate.

This case will focus on getting to know the UiPath platform, as well as getting an introduction in transforming a problem into an technical solution. This case can be relevant for you if you study in areas such as: Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, Economics or Mathematics.

As a preparation for this presentation, we’d like to ask you to create an account for the UiPath Automation Cloud, and install UiPath on your laptops. To do so, register to UiPath and proceed by clicking “Try UiPath Free”. You will be automatically redirected to the UiPath Automation Cloud. From here, you can install UiPath by clicking on “Download Studio”. Again, follow the instructions, and select the middle profile “UiPath Studio”.