Spark Holland B.V.

Spark Holland B.V.
Founded in 1982
Emmen (NL)
Emmen (Global)
75 (NL)
75 (Global)

Primary study preferences

Chemistry Computing science Information Science Supply chain management

Secondary study preferences

Biomedical engineering Industrial engineering & management


chemistry Commerce electronics Engineering Industry IT laboratory technologies Machine Vision manufacturing Research & Development

Company info

Spark Holland is an innovator and manufacturer of liquid chromatography instruments ((U)HPLC instruments). We are located in Emmen, The Netherlands, are privately owned and are in business since 1982. Spark Holland is an OEM company which means that we do not sell to end users but to companies, including the top 10 world leaders, who do sell to end users.

The R&D department develops innovative (U)HPLC instruments (for series production) for the future. The R&D department contains a laboratory group containing (analytical) chemists who have an affinity with and interest in technology. They give user input to the development of new equipment and are involved in testing these new developments. The group of electronic engineers are involved in developing embedded software and electronic hardware. Electronic hardware development involves the development of PCB’s and wiring and the selection of electronic parts like for example motors, cameras and sensors. The software group is involved in the development of drivers for the developed instruments in customer and Spark Holland user software. The mechanical engineering group develops all mechatronic hardware enabling all functionality within the instruments.

In multidisciplinary teams led by a project manager the project teams develop new autosamplers, high pressure pumps, column ovens and other related liquid chromatography instruments. Besides this they work on customizing these instruments to the needs of our OEM customers. This customizing can be as limited as a color or industrial design change to the addition of specific functionality.

Keywords are: Fine mechanics, mechatronics, embedded software, user interface software, electronical hardware, analytical chemistry, liquid chromatography, desk top size instruments, R&D, innovation.

In our manufacturing department the developed instruments are assembled and tested before shipment to customers. This involves international supply chain management and production management.

Our sales department has a focus on maintaining relationship with current and scouting of new international customers.



Speed date
Speed date

Speed Date – ICD

ASTRON, Spark Holland B.V. March 20 - 14:00
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Speed date

Business Expo – 20th of March

Beta Business Days, ASML, Cargill, Lambert Instruments, TNO, Johnson & Johnson, V.O. Patents & Trademarks, YER, Wetsus, Enshore, Valcon, Defensie, Envalior, Warpnet, Thermo Fisher Scientific, ASTRON, Philips, Spark Holland B.V. March 20 - 15:00